The Utlimate DME/CRT online marketing cheat sheet

This is the exact strategy I used to double my branches revenue in less than two years.

  • Create online tools for referral sources to reference.
  • Optimize the website for long tail keywords that caregivers and referral sources were searching for.
  • Optimize the Google Business profile
  • Actively request reviews for our website and display them prominently
  • Update the website regularly with products that were in stock
  • Create a blog post monthly introducing new equipment and any insurance updates. Post on the website and share with all referral sources.
  • Promote website on all marketing materials and sales calls
  • Promote products and articles on Facebook and Google Ads
  • Collect email addresses to use for communication

Marketing can be broken up into two separate categories online and offline



Online marketing has become more important than ever and in my experience one of the investments that moved the needle the most.

Online marketing can include:

  1. Google Ads
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Content marketing
  4. Google My Business Profile
  5. Social Media posts

Offline has become less relevant lately but there is still a place for some offline marketing.

Offline marketing can include:

  1. Ads in relevant local publications (pro tip) I used to go into the waiting rooms of our referrals and see what magazines they had stocked. I then advertised in the ones that made the most sense.
  2. Business Flyers
  3. Signs and stickers
  4. Trade shows
  5. Sales calls to referrals.

The picture on the left is what is what made me think how can I differentiate myself from the competition and this what I found.

I started to do informal surveys with my best customers and referral resources to find out what they were searching for online. Once I found that out, I created webpages to be able to answer their questions and search queries.

Start with this first

  1. Ask your CSR team what is the most common questions that get asked. Are they insurance related, equipment related or supply related.
  2. Ask your referral sources what do they struggle the most with, is it insurance coverage guidelines, the process, or what equipment/supplies to recommend.
  3. Ask you sales team what are the most common questions or road blocks that they hear on daily basis.
  4. Ask you techs or field team what are the most common repairs and how could they be prevented.

Once you have the answers to these questions create your own custom content and direct your referral sources and customers to those articles.

These resources will provide the most value for your investment. By producing these articles you will differentiate yourself from your competition and become an authority in your area.

Online marketing

  • You need to optimize your online presence with a specific keyword strategy.
  • Focus on long tail keywords that include your equipment/supplies and town name.

Doing this will take advantage of searches that are in your service area

SEO Harford Connecticut
Local Map Pack illustration

Optimize Your Google Business profile

Optimizing your profile will allow you to rank higher in the map pack

Make sure you are using your main keywords in your profile and the description is optimized with good copy.

Verify that your NAP (name address phone) is correct and consistent across your whole website


  1. Outside of building
  2. Inside of building
  3. Products
  4. Employees
  5. Business card (yes Google will use this to verify you are real business)

Actively respond to reviews and up-vote the the positive reviews


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