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My name is Troy Watson and I have been in the DME/CRT field for over a decade now. 

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About ME

I started my career in the medical field over a decade ago as a CSR. I quickly moved up and became the leader of the marketing and sales team with a focus on growing our digital brand. I was able to 4X our traffic in less than 6 months and doubled our online sales.  

With the success I had with marketing I was given the task of turning around one of the companies struggling branches. Again with a focus on digital marketing and sales, I was able to double the branch’s revenue to over seven figures a year.

With the continued success I had, I was promoted to a regional manager overseeing multiple branches. 

Digital marketing has always been my specialty and what I really love to work on so I decided to start an agency that focuses on digital marketing. 

Why Choose Me

Been There Done That

It's hard to find a marketing agency that has been in a manager's shoes. You don't have to explain why there is a budget and why you are the one responsible to see a return on your budget. I have been there and done that. I only focus on the things that will bring a positive ROI and you can be confident when asked to justify the spend that you will be able to show results.

We only focus on high ROI marketing

We don't focus on vanity metrics. We focus on what will get you sales. Sales is the only true measure of marketing success and that is what we want to be judged on.

No Contracts

With my experience, I know what is going to make the biggest difference for your website. I will tell you front what the cost will be to accomplish your goals and it will be a one-time fee that you can spread over the course of a couple months but the biggest value will be getting it all done ASAP

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with the work that has been done, I will 100% refund your money no questions asked, or keep working for free until you are satisfied with the results.

Our Services

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SEO, Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Research and build out pages with longtail keywords targeting your best patients.

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Content Marketing

Create Content that is seen as industry-leading specifically for your business.

Paid Per a Click Advertising

Promote the website with PPC ads on Facebook Google and YouTube.

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Optimize your Google business listing

Optimize your Google my business listing


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